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/** This is still an early beta of the app, it will contain bugs, please report them via Email and not as negative feedback on the Play Store, Thanks for your help **/ (The website, not this app) is an online service which monitors android market apps and games that are added to the users list and notifies them by an RSS/ATOM feed when those apps has updates, such as when there is a new version or when the price changes (increase or decrease). Mobile (beta) Android App is just the mobile client for the website, were you can view, add and remove apps from your tracking list, directly from your device without having to visit the website. project (website and Mobile app) are all developed and maintained by a single person as a side project, with limited resources, and because of this the users with a free account can track up to 25 apps, to be able to track more apps and support the project success, users are asked to make a donation on the Website (under Account -> Profile), Thanks in advanced :-) is not an App Discovery Service, after registering a new account and installing the app your list will be empty (currently it will show just an empty screen), you have to add your own apps to track. helps you easily manage you app list that you need to track with a separate RSS/Atom feed reader, currently the app itself does not give notifications on updates, later it might be added

Check the FAQ on the website at for more information on what does AppFeed do and how to use it.

The first time you start the app, you are asked to login to associate your to the App. There are 2 ways to do so:
1- QR Code mode: On the AppFeed, go to the Settings Menu (Under the username options), and scan the Mobile Token with the app (Login with QRCode).

2- Normal login with Google/Twitter/Facebook: you will get a standard webpage were you can login with your social account.

If you don't have an account, method 2 above will allow you to register a new account and associate it, simply choose a provider (Google/Twitter/Facebook), sign in with your normal credentials, and AppFeed will be associated with that login.

- Add Apps to your list: from the Google Play store, open the app you want to track, then select the “Share” menu, and select "Track with".

- Remove apps from your list: in the main screen, click on app name, and select the "Unfollow" option

- To use this app you *must* have an account, which you can get for free by visiting, or by signing in and registering for an account directly on the device. The account will be valid also from PC.

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