Donate to JCase/TeamAndIRC

Donate to JCase/TeamAndIRC

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    Dec 23, 2011


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Do not uninstall for 30 minutes after purchasing, if you intended to make a donation. This is an application solely to 'donate' to jcase from TeamAndIRC. It does nothing at this point, but I'll probably add a clock widget for the lulz later.

Please do not uninstall this app, for at-least 30 minutes after purchasing, or the market will refund the donation.

I put this app up after rooting the Kindle Fire, as I did not have one and both my wife and I wanted one.

Donation is entirely voluntary. After we get enough for our Kindles, any excess will go to stuff for my kids, or for whatever charity I am supporting that week. I will be adding in app billing shortly, for those that wish to donate more.