Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget

Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget

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    Jan 25, 2013


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REMEMBER: You must add the Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget to your lockscreen in order for the application to work as intended! Update: I am aware of the issue with the settings application crashing on 10 inch tablets and I am looking into it.

This is the Android 4.2 clock widget, but with the entire time displayed in Roboto Light. It can be used as both a launcher widget and a lockscreen widget.
To use, select "Fixed Clock" as the widget from the launcher (to add it to your homescreen) and/or the lockscreen (to add it there).
There is also a "Fixed Clock Center" widget which additionally vertically centers the widget in whatever space it has available.
This will NOT change anything simply by installing. You must add the new widget manually.
A Daydream is also available.

You can also configure the clock font to be Light, Regular, or Bold and configure the date and alarm to be Condensed Bold, Condensed, Light, or Regular. You can also make the date and alarm all caps or not. You can also choose to never show the alarm.

If you like this app and think that it is worth $1.99, a donate version is available.

Starting in Version 1.2, you can configure a color for the clock, the date, and the alarm. A preset list of colors is available to everyone and those who have the donate version can select from a full color palette for each.

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