Keepy: save family memories

Keepy: save family memories

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Childhood is magical, but it all goes away in a flash! Save & share your child’s precious moments with
Keepy. Keepy your kids’ artwork drawing, school work, photos, mementos, and more! ***What’s New?***
Thanks to our amazing, growing Keepy family, we’ve added new features that you’ll love:

♥ Add voice overs and videos to your Keepys for special memories.

♥ Access your Keepys anywhere, anytime via the web, email, smartphone. Even on iPhones/iPads!

♥ Send photo gifts to loved ones and grandma! Send prints for Valentine’s Day on Zazzle and Shutterfly.

♥ Google+ and Facebook logins now live!

★★★★★ “This is the app that I wish my own mother had.“ Babycenter

★★★★★ “It will blow your mind ... and open up so much storage space in your home!” CafeMom - The stir

★★★★★ Seeing your child’s progress in a timeline is an amazing gift to be shared with loved ones." -

Savvy Sassy Moms.

What’s a KEEPY? It’s what every parent needs-- A way to never throw away your kids’ moments while

eliminating clutter.

♥ Upload your Keepys: photos of your kids’ first day of school, lego creations, ticket stubs, report cards,

artwork, schoolwork, coloring pages, missing teeth or anything else that you wish to Keepy.

♥ Add your child’s name, the date it was made, and descriptive tags. Your Keepys will show up in an

organized timeline of precious memories.

Some more things you can do with KEEPY:

♥ Record your child telling you the story behind each keepy or record your own story. Preserve that cute

preschool voice forever!

♥ Invite grandparents and other family to be your kid’s “fan,” and they’ll receive an email whenever you

upload something new. You can also share specific keepies through social media, but Keepy can be as

private as you want it to be!

♥ Encourage grandparents, loved ones (& yourself!) to leave voice, video or text comments so you and

your kids can admire people’s loving reactions to their digital scrapbook, forever.

♥ Sync your keepies to dropbox to make sure they’re safe and sound in cloud storage.

Keepy is FREE to download and free to use. Forever.

Keepy is a digital scrapbook. Create a beautiful timeline full of priceless memories by uploading your

children’s artwork (paintings, drawings, coloring pages), school work (report cards, quizzes, certificates)

and photos (firsts, pre-school graduation, family trips). You can share all of the wonderful childhood

moments stored in Keepy with grandparents digitally and also print them with Shutterfly or make photo

gifts with Zazzle.

With Keepy, making a private and personalized interactive timeline of your children’s photos, artwork,

schoolwork and memories is super quick & easy. If your preschooler comes home with a fantastic

coloring page, mom (mum) or dad can simply snap a photo of it, upload it to their Keepy digital

scrapbook and tag their child. Next, grandparents and loved ones will be emailed with that coloring

page. They can leave comments on the coloring page to make it a richer, deeper, more emotional


Keepy’s emotional timeline is as private as you want it to be. You can share some or all of your photos

with the grandparents and friends- whatever works best for your family. We created Keepy to work for

all families, so you can always change the privacy settings in the Keepy digital scrapbook to fit your


Childhood goes by so fast! One day your child is a baby drinking from a bottle, next she’s a preschooler

drawing on coloring pages and then...she’s graduating from college! That’s why we created Keepy - so

you can preserve all of your families memories in a private, interactive timeline sharable with

grandparents and loved ones. And thanks to cloud storage, your memories will always be safe on the

Keepy cloud so you can enjoy them now, later and forever in the cloud.

Join our online family. Keep in touch!

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