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EverythingMe Launcher Reviews

  • Kalinskym


    Reviewed in My favourite apps (I'm a techie) Showbox included

    Only if you didn't have to root your phone and install xposed module to add different icons to it and it had a import from another launcher or backup feature this would be the best a lunches app out there except for some bugs.

  • Sam Choo

    Sam Choo

    Reviewed in My Android Apps

    Note : not available to all countries

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Launcher (homescreen-replacements)

    This one is more than random. Type in stuff and you will get anything you never asked for...this is far from minimal and clean, it's a launcher, ye, but woah...annoying!

  • Banton


    Reviewed in Pimp Your Phone - Customise

    A launcher which adjusts its theme and icon/information according to your text or voice search. Its getting better and is an interesting concept. Dynamic launcher.

  • Sandra Leal

    Sandra Leal

    Reviewed in Personalization

    This launcher is a smart launcher, you tell it what your looking for and depending on what it is it will find everything on that subject from apps, Web pages to music and movies, must have this app

  • Jerrod Jackson

    Jerrod Jackson

    Reviewed in App for you

    This is a must have app... It works great on my Nexus 4....

  • PSarge


    Reviewed in Launch Control

    Launcher with a novel concept, it will change your wallpaper and home screen app based on what you are "thinking" about. If you don't have an app that is related to the subject, it will offer you it to download. Still in beta so expect some hiccups along the way.


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★★ The top launcher selected by Google as a Top Developer! ★★
EverythingMe is a launcher for your Android phone that delivers what you need, when you need it. It anticipates the apps, people and information you'd want, every time you pick up your phone, giving you the perfect phone, every time. Currently Available in the US / UK / Spain and Germany.

A launcher, or a home replacement app, can upgrade the look and functionality of your homescreen. It can also personalize the way you open apps, make calls and perform other tasks. Below are the main features of EverythingMe that will upgrade your phone:

The Prediction Bar™
Anticipates what you’ll need throughout the day. Get your news apps in the morning, your calendar at work, and the train schedule on your way home.

Smart Folders™
Your apps are automatically organized according to your interests. Open football stats from the Sports Folder or find cartoons in your Kids Folder.

Fastest In-Phone Search
The quickest, most personalized search tool for Android. Enter one letter and get contacts, apps and web results that are relevant just for you. Typing “M” might pull up Mom’s number, or show the Messaging app first - whichever you use most.

Everyday Uses
► In the morning, you’ll automatically get news and weather on your screen.
► In the city, get the nearest restaurants, transportation and shops in your Around Me Folder.
► In the evening, get recipes for dinner and movie apps as you relax at home.

The Buzz
"Everything.me May Be the Smartest, Most Dynamic Android Launcher Yet". ~ LifeHacker.com
"One app made me love Android and BLOWS AWAY iOS. One app." ~Robert Scoble

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Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ipZV1h

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Need help? Send us a note to support@everything.me
For feedback and other inquiries, email info@everything.me

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