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Lively’s free app and live show service gives you exclusive access to high quality audio and video of your favorite shows.
With direct sound board access and professional video, Lively lets fans put their phones down and their hands up. Audio is delivered immediately after the show, video within 24 hours.
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• High quality audio and video capture
• Quick delivery of audio and video
• Sync to multiple devices
• Access Lively’s entire library of live content
• Listen offline
• Make playlists of individual tracks
• Discover new artists and shows
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Wow! 5 Stars
"I cannot believe someone didn't think of this sooner - BRILLIANT. Quality is amazing as are the memories of the show I attended. So Looking forward to building my live music library w/this App!!!" by JCNYC123 May 3rd 2013

Great Idea!! 5 Stars
"For anyone who loves music and/or goes to shows....this is a no-brainer!" by Brent-Owen May 5th 2013

BRILLIANT!! 5 stars
"This app is crazy cool!" by XxBritaxX May 5th 2013

"I have worked on a ton of apps and technology but Lively is by far the coolest project I have ever worked on"

William Power. Rogue Power LLC

"Working with Lively was a lovely experience," said Tony Ruland, band member of The Lonely Forest. "Truly professional people that never made their presence on stage known in a distracting way. I can't wait to work with them again. Not to mention the final product is beautiful."

"Fans and those of us in the live music industry have been waiting for a solution like Lively for quite some time," said Alex Kochan, vice president, AEG Live Pacific NW. "Live shows are a unique and special experience, Lively captures the essence of that experience and gives the fans a way to take that specific show home with them. How cool is that? Show up, enjoy the show, no need to try and record it on your iPhone, Lively does it better. There are hundreds of live shows I now wish I had a recording of. Lively is a win-win for everyone - both bands and their fans."

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