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* To old version users (before 0.3.0):
Old version's sync list will be ignored.
You should add files on the new sync list again. Sorry for inconvenience.
(It is due to the change of data type of file revisions) * You can find 'Plugin for Tasker' here: http://goo.gl/lp1mI

This is an application for backing up files on sdcard through Dropbox.

Users can choose any files/directories on sdcard to be synced with remote directories on Dropbox.

It can start syncing on users' demand,

and also can be run as a service that will automatically start with certain time intervals.

*** current limitation:
Only files existing on the sdcard are synced.
That is, it's not a full 2-way sync.
This is due to the ambiguity of locally deleted files and new remote files.

*** if 'Sync in progress' appears and nothing happens:
Check if there is a 'dropspace-synclock' file on the root of your sd card.
If something goes wrong while syncing,
(eg. crash, network connection loss, or task manager terminated the process accidentally)
this file will not be deleted automatically and will prevent further syncing.
Just delete it, or reboot the device.

* Localized in: Korean, German

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