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Alive Street Fashion Magazine fringe J We hit the street to find the mainstreaming street fashion people in Korea.
There is no one right answer, but there are plenty of good examples!
Now you can always get closer to fashion through Fringe J!

Fringe J has been renewed in celebration of 1 year anniversary.
Our menus have been upgraded in so many ways! Take a look at our new Style talk, Trend talk, Snap wall and My fringe!

1.Awesome detail photos
- The detail photos are bigger now. Were they too small to satisfy you? Problem solved!
- If an item has a shop-link on the internet, you can go see more about the item all for yourself. Just click the red label we attached upper right side.

2.Glamorous Snap wall
-This space is for all the fringe users. Share your interesting moments and pictures! Do you need some fashion advice? Use this. Upload anything you want to share.

3.Trend talk
-Editor’s column about Fashion, Style, Trend, Friendship, Love… anything that lives with you every day.

4.A vs B
-Are you seriously hesitating which one you will get among two equally awesome items? Upload them here and let people decide.

5.My fringe
-You can manage your profile picture, status, all your posts, friends’ list right here.

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