Infinite L Lockscreen

Infinite L Lockscreen

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    Nov 24, 2013


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This version is beta. so Shutdown in 11/18.
Please Download Official Lockscreen app 'Mydol'
Download URL :
or Search on Google Play 'Mydol'
Do you belive it? Each time I turn on my cell phone, INFINITE talks to me
It is possible to see pictures of INFINITE at any time from the lock screen. The member who I like is talking to me

In the Image setting, you can add image to lockscreen continuously
Please tell me your age and name what you want to be called. Then the member speak to you calling the name
you can download INFINITE group Lockscreen or each member's Lockscreen
Features will be added: bulletin board where you can share image, conversation. Schedule of INFINITE

INFINITE - Woolim Entertainment

Official Fan club: Inspirit

2011: Over The Top
2011: Paradise

Mini Album
2010: First Invasion
2011: Evolution
2012: Infinitize
2013: New Challenge

2011: "Inspirit"
2013: "Destiny"

Twitter : @KpopStarENT1
Keywords : INFINITE, DongWoo, Hoya, L, SungJong, SungYeol, SungKyu, WooHyun, KPOP, KPOP star