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    Turn those black tiles into white. And you get grey tiles later that act as a neutral zone. Well that doesn't seem so bad. "Draw a line. A single line. How complex can that be?" Don't tempt fa— bah, too late! Now you're stuck on that one level in this line drawing puzzle. At least you have pretty chill music to accompany you.


Your task is to draw a line. A single line. How complex can that be? Start with one tile and trace a line to the next, then the next. Each tile you pass over flips from black to white, or back again. Using only a single line, can you flip all the black tiles?

The simplest puzzle can have hundreds of solutions, and Unium features over 100 levels to solve your way through. Unlock harder puzzles by solving easier ones, learn what works and what doesn't, and solve puzzles in multiple ways to earn achievements. Unium is a fantastic pick up and play puzzle game that can entertain for a minute or an hour.

Unium supports achievements from Google Play Games.