KG Dogfighting

KG Dogfighting

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    Jun 19, 2013


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Raise your dog to beat the best!
AN APP THAT WILL NEVER APPEAR IN THE iPHONE APP STORE! The Controversial Dogfighting Android "DogWars - Beta" app by Kage Games LLC has been renamed to KG Dogfighting!

Feed, water, train and FIGHT your virtual pet dog against others...

-Interactive action training games
-Many characters and dogs to choose from
-Virtual store (training gear, weapons, guns, steroids, bling)
-Shoot outs with the 'authorities' trying to catch you for dogfighting

This game is more fun than MMORPGs like iMobsters or gangwars, because it has action games of skill utilizing the touchscreen for swiping gestures like papertoss or angry birds, and the accelerometer like many racing games and crazy snowboarder. There is no sex, nudity, or naked girls, but it is an adult multiplayer game that could have swear words from other users and offensive material. It has kind of a ghetto, hood rat type feel with rap theme music.


Drop your cred codes and ideas in the comments section or message boards on the web. Check the shoutbox in the game for news and game updates, or just talk fight and smack with other players.

If you get a bug, please send us the report or email us.

1. It is just A VIDEO GAME
2. Perhaps one day we will make gerbil wars or betta fish wars for people who can't understand fantasy role play games
3. Just because something is illegal in real life in certain countries, does not mean it is illegal to make a song, movie, or video game about it
4. Just go slingshot some virtual birds to kill some virtual pigs.
5. Go complain to someone who cares about Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Weed Farmer, Smoke a Bowl and maybe even Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry from 1987. (We heard it is actually coming to Android soon!)
6. This is listed as a HIGH MATURITY app, and does NOT violate the Terms of Use with the Google market in any way!!!

Let's Get it On!

Developer Note:
We appreciate everyone's thoughts about our app as we are firm believers in the right to free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

These freedoms are the building blocks of the Google Android operating system and the very reason so many users choose Google Android over the alternative.

We've heard thoughts from many dog and animal lovers about our app and first we, as dog owners and dog lovers ourselves, would like to thank you for your thoughts and for the work many of you do on behalf of our canine friends. We DO NOT CONDONE violence towards animals or humans, and we are confident in humankind's ability to distinguish between a rudimentary game and the consequences of real life.

We are confident this game will be a net benefit to dogs as it has been in our operating agreement from the start of this project that a portion of the proceeds go to animal rescue organizations. Further, this is a satire about the ridiculousness of dogfighting and we believe in the power of a modern media tool to educate and raise awareness of the real horrors. Another portion of our proceeds are also being appropriated for catastrophic human tragedies, the first of which is the Japan Tsunami relief effort. We encourage everyone to donate to BOTH of these very important causes.

There are hundreds of games on the Google Android market as well as any other popular game platform which, if acted out in real life, would be illegal. What makes the Google Android platform special is it gives the freedom and responsibility to the individual users to decide what to put on their phones as opposed to the phone carriers and app stores making value judgments on our behalf.

Lastly, we are incorporating suggestions from both our supporters and our detractors in an effort to create a more socially conscious app that provides a net benefit to dogs as well as humans. Please remember that censorship is a very slippery slope.