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Device Info Ex Live Wallpaper

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Device Info Ex Live Wallpaper will show the device information which your smart phone has and designed with consideration for the low-power consumption. Device Info LWP show the information below.
-CPU Usage(with history)
-Battery remain/temp/voltage
-RAM Usage
-Internal Memory Usage
-External Memory Usage(SD-Card)
-Network connection state
-Wifi setting information
-CPU spec
-Device basic information
-Platform information
-Sensor information

You can customize the following settings.
[Basic settings]
-Background Color(blue,red,green,pink,orange,monotone,sepia)
-Background brightness(seek bar)
-Text color(RGB seek bars)
-Animation Speed(smooth, normal, battery efficient)
-Show or Hide for each information
[Layout settings]
-Provide Blank pages or not
-Arrangement(default position, manual setting mode)
-Fix a layout or not
[DateTime settings]
-12 hours or 24 hours
-Show second or not
-Reverse day and month
-Refresh Interval
-Unit of Temperature(Celsius or Fahrenheit)

How to move the stat frame(Ver4.00):
1.Choose 'Manual setting mode' in 'Arrangement' list menu on settings window.
2.Once Tap the frame which you want to move on the screen.
(Then, the frame would be selected and background color of frame would be change.)
3.Touch and slide the same frame and move your finger keeping touch the screen.
4.Release your finger at position you want to set.
(If there is the other frame or there is not enough space at released position , the frame will return again to the original position.


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