GREE (グリー)

GREE (グリー)

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    5,000,000 - 10,000,000
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    Oct 27, 2015


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3,500万人以上がコミュニケーションや無料ゲームを楽しんでいるGREEの公式アプリケーションです。 【アプリ版GREEでできること】

・アイドルマスター ミリオンライブ!【アイマス】
・ONE PIECE【ワンピース】アドベンチャーログ【アドログ】
・FINAL FANTASY ARTNIKS【ファイナルファンタジーアートニクス】
・NARUTO-ナルト- 忍コレクション【ナルコレ】
・モンスターハンター ロア オブ カード【モンハン】

・ハコニワ ふしぎな手紙とどうぶつ島【育成ゲーム】

・バージョン1.4.6以降、Android Marketでのアプリ提供を続けるために、一部のゲームを始めた際、標準ブラウザが起動するよう、仕様を変更しております。何とぞご理解ご了承くださいますようお願いいたします。

・画面左上のメニューボタン (三本線)よりストリームや友だち、コミュニティ機能にアクセスできます。

Android2.3以上をインストールした端末(Android 4.0以上推奨)

35 million or more people is the official application of GREE enjoying communication and free games. [What you can do with the app version of GREE]
- You can play free games you are one after another added
Photo word I can easily post
• You can enjoy the friends and communication through the now of feelings and photo
- Participate to the various themes of the community, it will be able to interact with friends with the same interests
• You can be yourself customize the original Avatar

[Popular game introduction of GREE (Download Free)]
★ studded popular work of game!
Gundam Masters [Ganmasu]
Idol master Million Live! [Imus]
· AKB48 stage Fighter [official]
· ONE PIECE [dress] adventure log [Adorogu]
· FINAL FANTASY ARTNIKS [Final Fantasy Art Nix]
- Valhalla gate [Valhalla] of Kamigoku
· NARUTO- Naruto - Shinobi collection [Narukore]
- Monster Hunter Roar of card [Monster Hunter]
Such as

★ popular original title
- Tanken driland [popular RPG card game]
- Fishing ter [fishing, popular fishing game]
Pirate Kingdom Columbus [card battle]
- Monpura [monster training RPG]
- Holy war Cerberus [battlefield simulation game]
- Dancer Kurinoppe [pet training]
- Miniature garden mysterious letter and animal island [training games]
Such as

[Guidance matter]
Mail, now available from the app for news.
Version 1.4.6 or later, in order to continue the App in the Android Market, when it began a part of the game, so that the standard browser is started, we have to change the specification. Humbly So thank you for your understanding acknowledgment.

[How to use of each function]
- The upper left of the screen menu button (three main line) over the stream and friends, you can access the community features.

[Compatible models]
Installed terminal Android2.3 or more (Recommended Android 4.0 or higher)