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Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Reviews

  • Kalle Grabowski

    Kalle Grabowski

    Reviewed in just the best - fcuk the rest...

    GREAT browser! i was positively surprised how versatile, fast and configurable it is. definitely a good one. just give it a try, it is free and absolutely worth it...

  • Mai


    Reviewed in Phone entertainment

    There are browsers out there that has a simpler UI and easier to use, but once you get the hang of it, I don't think any browser would match to the speed of Sleipnir. The feature that I really love is that when I forgot to save something in Pocket but the page is still open in Sleipnir, you can still view the preloaded page - even offline. Plus tab groups!

  • Brandon Giesing

    Brandon Giesing

    Reviewed in Browsers!

    Browser with unique design. Beta version available.


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The one step browser that once you try you can't let go of, made in Japan! 【3 advantages】

★ Gestures adjusted by the millimeter for speed and precision

★ Tabs with lightning fast "Open" "Close" "Switch"

★ Customization to cut your daily browsing into a third

【Characteristic functions】

• Gestures
Tab switching, refreshing, displaying bookmarks, full-screen, all in 1 step.
• Hold And Go
Open pages one after another by holding down on links.

• Custom button / Custom panel
In the freely customizable User Interface, you can arrange your desired functions, settings, bookmarks(bookmarklets too) where you can find it in just 1 step.

• Tab flicking
Flick tabs downwards to close, up to manage groups, and up and then right to open.

• Scroll grip
Quickly scroll down to the area of the page you want to view by touching the scroll bar.

• Offline viewing
Open tab content is automatically stored so that even after you close the app you can instantly restore data. (※ Android 3.0 and later)

• View mode
When opening specified pages and sites, you can have them automatically switch user agent and open in another app. (※From the menu button)

• Extensions
Layout of pages can be changed, and special functions can be added using extensions. Download from the Extensions Gallery ( ). Installing extensions can be completed by simply tapping the install button.

• Fenrir Pass
This is a free cloud service that can be used to automatically sync bookmarks with Sleipnir on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Windows Phone, and also use a number of Web services.
Supported services: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn / Tumblr / Flickr / Readability / Instapaper / Pocket / Dropbox / Evernote / SkyDrive / Google Reader

【Other functions】

• Ad-block not needing setup (※ Android 3.0 and later)
• Optimized design for smartphone and tablet devices
• Customize the UI to what you like
• Save memory and stable tabs by limiting tab loading
• Protect tabs by double tapping
• tab groups to manage tabs
• Various site search engines merged into one
• Search suggestions
• "Usual Sites" for quickly accessing your favorite sites
• Download files
• Full-screen mode
• Import bookmarks from browsers
• Arrange bookmarks
• Manage FenrirFS bookmarks with labels
• Facebook linking
• Backup tabs, bookmarks, settings
• Close application by holding down back key
• Open with other browser (※From address bar long press menu)
• Search in pages (※From address bar long press menu)
• Copy title, URL (※From address bar long press menu)
• Open one level above URL (※From address bar long press menu)
• Link with Facebook (※From address bar long press menu)

【About Sleipnir Mobile】

Sleipnir Mobile for Android is
the one step browser that once you try you can't let go of, made in Japan! It features gestures adjusted by the millimeter for speed and precision, tabs with lightning fast "Open" "Close" "Switch", and customization to cut your daily browsing into a third. You can use it on your smartphone or tablet device.

• Product page: (Kindle Fire HD version from here)
• Facebook:
• Twitter:

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