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Desktop VisualizeR(DVR) is an application that allows you to personalize your home screen by creating icons or widgets with your favorite photos or images. * Main characteristic
- Icon with any image
With the image of your choice, you can create the app starting shortcuts or widgets .
- Large icons
You can use large icons conveniently by pasting them on your desktop as widgets.
- More convenient with add-on features and icon pack
You can expand function by adding the add-on and the our original icon packs.
In addition, you can also make use of themes or icon packs for other launcher apps!

** Our translations are almost based by machine. Please participate in our translation project on

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    This is a tool to measure widget size for Desktop VisualizeR Add-Ons on your launcher environment. To use this tool, Desktop VisualizeR 1.1.3 or later needs to be installed on your device. * Now reporting false detection of virus to Dr.WEB.

  • DVRDirectCall DVRDirectCall


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    With DVRDirectCall, you can make direct phone call from Desktop VisualizeR(1.2.7 or later) widgets or encoded shortcuts.

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    This is a add-on for Desktop VisualizeR(DVR). This add-on adds the ability to crop images at the optimum size to DVR. Before using this add-on, you must run DVRSizeConfigTool (Free) to help crop add-on can measure accurate image size. Requires...

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    DVRAppListCache is a cache provider for Desktop VisualizeR(DVR). If you take time to view the application list, please try to install this application. ** YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL IF YOU ARE USING 1.2.3 OR LATER! * This app is EXPERIMENTAL. * If...

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  • DVRUnreadCount DVRUnreadCount


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    This plugin adds unread mail count badge onto Desktop VisualizeR widgets. Needs Desktop VisualizeR 1.4.3 or later in order to use this app. Supported mail apps are * GMail 2.3.6 or later (OS 2.3) * GMail 4.0.5 or later (OS 3.x/4.x) * K-9 Mail 4.3...

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    * NOTICE for Nova launcher bug!!! * Popup widget supports two ways to create a shortcut. But the first way does not work on Nova, which has a bug for it. You can still create a shortcut by dragging 1x1 widget named 'Popup widget' from the app...

  • DVRImageSlicer DVRImageSlicer


    Bii, Inc.

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    This is a add-on for Desktop VisualizeR. This add-on cuts the suitable image for the widget of its size and location from the specified photo. Before using this add-on, you must run DVRSizeConfigTool (Free) to help slicer add-on can measure accurate...