Colossus Escape

Colossus Escape

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    Mar 14, 2014

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  • Staz


    Reviewed in Weekly Top Games

    Colossus Escape is a running type of game based on Moffee Adventure with amazing graphic. Run, slay, collect and cast power to go as far as you can with the Colossus right behind you. Engage yourself in and epic adventure.

  • Big Mark

    Big Mark




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Colossus Escape is a fast-paced action game based on the world of Moffee Adventures™, featuring an epic fantasy world with great graphics and his own unique graphical style. Escape and defend against Colossus, face waves of enemies and avoid insidious obstacles.
Turn the tide of battle with powerful spells and mystical artifacts, but watch out for the impending Colossus, hold on and gain ground collecting potions.
Get ready to face sudden challenges using QTE (Quick Time Events) against hordes of monsters, giants and ruthless killers.

Help WHARR to struggle against the Colossus Gods on a journey through burning fields, arid deserts, stormy peaks and frozen lands.
Jump, slay, collect and cast powerful spells.

Be ready to engage epic battles and to prove your skills along the road! like hell, Colossus is right behind you!

- Based on the world of Moffee Adventures™
- Game world divided into 4 chapters (only the first is available)
- Alternation between day and night
- Combo System
- Boss Battle
- Challenges based on Quick Time Events
- Get the precious gems to win extra lives.
- Different types of ranged attacks (energy, fire and ice).
- Different game modes: Story Mode, Infinity Mode, Extreme Mode, Turbo mode
- Achievements

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