Time to Split

Time to Split

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    Nov 15, 2015


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Avoid unwanted encounters! Time to Split will keep you away from people you prefer to avoid.

Now with an all new design!
new features!

Connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and its own network, Split will provide a complete antisocial or socially selective experience - keeping you safe and relaxed.

Recently break up with someone and want to avoid them at all costs?
Start a new job and don't want to bump into your old boss?
We all have our reasons for avoiding awkward encounters, and now you can do so easily and worry-free.

Time to SPLIT scans your area, locates everyone you want to avoid, and alerts you to their nearby presence in real time.

Enjoy unique features that will ensure you know who's where and when at all times:

Real-Time Alerts - Whenever SPLIT finds any of your 'avoidees', it will let you know ASAP and even suggest an escape route!

Event Alerts - See if anyone you're avoiding has confirmed going to an event you want to attend.

Danger Zone Alerts - Each location where your 'avoidees' have been spotted will show up on the map as a 'danger zone'.

Who's There? - Keep a constant eye on remote locations to make sure no 'avoidees' are around before you get there.

Who With? - Wanna know who they're hanging with? SPLIT can show you.

Time to SPLIT takes your privacy extremely seriously and will NEVER let anyone know you're avoiding them, post on your behalf without permission, or use any information that's not already available on the social network profiles you access via the app.

Time to Split is always alerted – working in the background it monitors your personal space and notifies you whenever the people you avoid are in the area.
No worries, Split is using a unique technology to keep your battery from draining.
Split is pre-configured to get the most accurate location data by using both cellular networks and your GPS. That way, it helps you hang out without getting into unwanted encounters.