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Dessin (pronounced like "design") is an innovative combination of mind map and phone automator. It allows you to make notes, draw mind-maps and even build circuits, which will control your phone. You will achieve all of these things by connecting nodes into circuits: Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:

This is not a single-purpose app. Some of the things that you may do with it:

- make shopping list that your phone will show to you near grocery
- write notes during lectures (and connect them with other notes)
- automatically silence phone during lectures
- automatically silence phone when in the cinema
- enable Wi-Fi only at home
- schedule alarm at 8am from monday to friday
- keep the screen bright when reading books

These are nodes that are currently available:
1. Content: text, image, webpage
2. Triggers: geofence, manual, screen on, hours, weekdays, charging
3. Actions: wifi state, bluetooth state, wake lock, alarm, silencer, flashlight
4. Logic: any, all, negation
5. Numbers: number, add, multiply

App is (mostly) localized in several languages: english, german, spanish, french, polish, portugal, russian, chinese. If you want to translate it/correct/update translation to your language, you can do so on

If you want to know more check out additional sites:
- Home page:
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