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Rhythm Runner

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    May 29, 2013


Rhythm Runner - DJ with your feet! V3.0 is a Beta update, please test and reply if any faults found. info@rhythmrunner.net

Try to imagine having motivating music for your whole run and exercise routine!

Rhythm Runner uses a dynamic playlist to match your music to your pace using your steps per minute against the song's BPM

***New in Version 2.2.3 - Star Songs
While training media press and hold a select Star Song. Then while in normal Run mode you can press the star button and instantly play that song.

***New in Version 2.0 - Workout Programs

Now has the ability to run to different program types. Set up 'Incline' for 30 minutes and have the music get faster and faster until your workout ends. Set endurance to keep you at a steady pace which is like a trainer for cardio work. etc


Rhythm Runner also has GPS maps and calorie / speed / distance calculations which you can use a keeper for each run.

Contact info@rhythmrunner.net for any queries or bugs.

From Trendhunter.com:

The Rhythm Runner app is a supremely clever next-generation app that matches your music to your running pace. By using any smartphone’s accelerometer, it can measure your pace and automatically match music to the beats per minute of the music stored on your phone.

For those keen runners out there, you know how annoying it is to have to keep stopping and madly pressing buttons to change a track. The Rhythm Runner app eradicates this problem. Featuring Google maps intergration, calorie counting, and speed trackers, this genius gadget is a holistic fitness feature. A slightly different take on apps such as RunKeeper or Cardio Trainer.

V 2.2.4
Memory fixes

V 2.2.3
Added Star Song (Long click on a song after training your music. Have instant access to your favorite running songs. Perfect for the final sprint

Bug Fixes

V 2.2.2


V 2.2.1

Further Upgrades

V 2.2

Added support for sliding BPM values on Programs
Added 'Random' program
Bug Fixes

v 2.0.1 Bug Fix

Please help report bugs to info@rhythmrunner.net, thanks

v 2.0

Added support for workout programs. Interval, Power Walking, Incline, Decline & Endurance