Rotor Episode 1 Free

Rotor Episode 1 Free

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    Mar 27, 2013


Rotor is a fast paced action adventure game that takes place on the beautiful colony world of Djeseru. Having left their oppressive mother world several decades ago the colonists are forced to use their only intact space-worthy vessel to seek help from the old home world when Djeseru is attacked by terrifying and completely unknown alien attackers. In the free version of Rotor the primary and secondary weapon upgrades are limited to 4 upgrades in total, 2 for each type.

* 6 exciting missions with unique scenery
* 24 unique enemies with equally as many behaviors
* 8 primary weapon upgrades - 2 in the free version
* 10 special weapons such as ion lasers, nuclear missiles, plasma flame throwers and more - 2 in the free version.
* 6 big end of level bosses with 18 different special weapons to throw at you
* Great atmospheric music to take you right into the feeling of things
* An interesting story and characters – our heroes are based on ancient amphibian reptiles called labyrinthodonts, go look it up on Wikipedia.

If you like games like R-Type, Gradius, Pulstar, DoDonPachi, Espgaluda, Swiv, Sky Force or Warblade then this is the game for you

Rotor was created as a collaborative effort of equals without any venture capital or other big business stuff. We are really proud of our creation and hope that you will enjoy it. If you have any problems with it, please contact us.