Relax Melodies P: Sleep & Yoga

Relax Melodies P: Sleep & Yoga

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Relax Melodies P: Sleep & Yoga Reviews

  • Jamie Davies

    Jamie Davies

    Reviewed in Long Lasting Apps & Games

    Always handy to have after them long stressful days. Pop your earphones in and relax your body & mind with soothing sounds. Pleasantly surprised & definitely effective.

  • App Junkie

    App Junkie

    Reviewed in Zen Apps

    Top sound generator on Android. With almost one hundred sounds to choose from, to include binaural beats, your options are limitless. From sounds of the womb to the rhythmic motion of a train rolling down the tracks, there is something for everyone.

  • René Schell N Berg
  • Eric St-Arnaud

    Eric St-Arnaud

    Reviewed in On my phone...

    A great way mix your own relaxing/soothing background sounds. There's a free version with less sound options but still plenty to get the idea.

  • Thrifty Native

    Thrifty Native

    Reviewed in Crap I Like

    I use this every night. Every. Night. My brain is now trained to relax upon hearing my customized sleep noise. Emotional crap drains away and I'm out. There's sounds to help you concentrate, relax, or meditate. The customization level in this app is...


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Relax Melodies is the LEADER in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance. No more lacking of sleep or insomnia for you! The sleep that you need and want is waiting for you. Relax Melodies and its many features such as high quality white noise sounds, music melodies and complete customizable mixes will help you sleep like never before!

Here’s how it works :

1. Create a sleep mix by selecting sounds and music that you like.
2. Slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep sleep...!
3. Awake, feel refreshed and happier
4. Do it again, anytime!

Use it also in many other situation such as while exercising, during your yoga meditation sessions, while massaging, during a quick nap or even to help your baby fall asleep faster!

Join millions of users who have reported sleeping better. It’s time to get back the sleep that you deserve!

Let us know how it worked for you!


✓ 108 Outstanding high quality ambient sounds, including 6 binaural beats frequencies for brainwave entrainment.
✓ Background support. Relax while using other apps!
✓ Mix your favorite sounds & music together with different volumes to create your own personal melodies. Create almost infinite possibilities! Thousands of way to fall asleep!
✓ Includes 9 off the shelf favorites for easy startup
✓ Create, Save, Name, Sort and Replay your favorites easily
✓ Timer system to set a duration to your favorite mixes. Ideal when you’re going to sleep.
✓ Enjoy an unique and beautiful interface for an easy selection of sounds


Including the most popular such as rain, water, wind, birds, white noise, zen and many more!


Read the reviews, so many users explain how they relax, fall asleep faster, sleep well, have no more insomnia and integrate it in their everyday routine.

☆ ☆ ☆ TRY IT NOW ☆ ☆ ☆

Relax Melodies is THE app for the most personalized sleep experience that you can possibly have. Within a few taps, create the exact sound that resonates perfectly with you. The ability to chose from white noise ambient sounds and binaural beats gives you total control for an unique and personal experience.

It’s waiting for you. Download it now and become one of the relaxed users of Relax Melodies!