Vitamio Plugin ARMv7

Vitamio Plugin ARMv7

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DON'T install or update this unless other apps let you install it. This is a library which won't work by itself. This APK is for ARMv7 devices, such as Tegra 2 devices.

What's Vitamio

Vitamio is a multimedia framework for all Android devices. Vitamio works like the Android's default MediaPlayer except that it includes much more powerful features. And it's absolutely free !

Network Protocols

The following network protocols are supported for audio and video playback:

HTTP progressive streaming
HTTP live streaming (M3U8), for Android 2.1+

Media formats

Many audio and video codecs are packed into Vitamio beside the default media format built in Android platform, some of them are listed below.



Vitamio support the display of many external and embedded subtitle formats.

Sub Station Alpha(.ssa) / Advanced Sub Station Alpha(.ass)
Matroska (.mkv) Subtitle Track

More features

There are more wonderful features available in Vitamio.

Background playback
Multiple audio tracks support
Mutitiple subtitles support, including external and embedded ones
Processor optimization for many platforms
Buffering when streaming
Adjustable aspect ratio
Automatically text encoding detection

And many other features are waiting for you !

How to use Vitamio

Please refer our website at

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.


We must notify you that Vitamio will collect those information to improve itself when you using it.
UniqueID generated from Device identifier

Vitamio reads your device identifier to generate an unique ID and collect the generated one instead of your device identifier. Most important, this generation can't be reversed. So don't worry about this, as it's not harmful.
Device's CPU features and screen size.

Vitamio will work on many different Android devices, different CPU architectures, different screen sizes and so on, so it needs to know the environment.
The app's package name which is using Vitamio

There're many apps which may use Vitamio, so Vitamio should know which process is using it to allocate proper resources.


Vitamio uses sevral opensource projects, thanks to them.
FFmpeg, universalchardet

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