Avocado - Chat for Couples

Avocado - Chat for Couples

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    Feb 10, 2015

Avocado - Chat for Couples Reviews

  • Nick Saunders

    Nick Saunders

    Reviewed in Apptastic Fantastic!

    If you and your partner want a private space where you can share photos, messages, calender dates or just plain ol' pictures of your bum holes, there's advocate.

  • Tom D.

    Tom D.

    Reviewed in Apps and Games for Couples

    This isn't the only couples app on the market, but it's my (our) favorite. It's primary selling point is a dedicated chat/message space for the two of you. Set your face to change with different emoticons, share pics privately, keep lists of future date ideas or things to watch on Netflix, even give each other vibrating good night hugs. It's nearly perfect.