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Track AOKP builds in the easiest possible way: immediately receive push notifications when a build is complete and ready to download! Also get the available test builds & random fun messages from the team. AOKPush uses the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service provided by Google since Jelly Bean. GCM is integrated into the Android framework, eg. the application does not use any extra battery nor wakes up the device periodically to fetch data.

There are 4 feeds you can subscribe to:
- Milestone feed: official milestone releases by AOKP
- Nightly feed: official (automatic) nightly releases by AOKP
- Test feed: unofficial test releases by AOKP developers
- Fun feed: messages from the Unicorn barn

Messages can be sent automatically by the AOKP build server (milestone / nightly feeds) and manually by individual developers (test / fun feeds).

The device sends data to the AOKPush server on each boot, after application upgrades, and when changing feed subscriptions. Sent data is less than 200 bytes. Received data is usually less than 1 KByte but cannot be more than 4 KBytes.

The server stores only 4 entries about your device:
- registration ID
- device type
- subscribed feeds
- app version

The registration ID is a unique ID generated by the GCM framework which identifies your device and allows the server to send you messages. No personal data is stored.

You will receive the notifications even if you do not currently run AOKP. You can install it on currently not AOKP-supported devices, you will get a message once we release a build for that phone/tablet.

You won't receive the messages that have been sent before you installed the app. Everything happens real-time.

Zips can be downloaded directly in the application by clicking on one of the mirrors. In case the download fails, long press the mirror and the zip URL will be copied to your clipboard. Try it in your browser!

Please note that the developer of this app is not responsible for the content of the received messages, nor for mirror reliability.

Huge thanks to Nitroz for his ideas & work with the images!

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