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XBlast Tools-Xposed

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XBlast Tools-Xposed Reviews

  • SD Shukla

    SD Shukla

    Reviewed in SD™ Apps

    A very usefull must Xposed module!

  • Yomar Gonzalez (Androidfast)

    Yomar Gonzalez (Androidfast)

    Reviewed in AndroidfastApk

    😄 Descargalo >>android app is now available Full at http://t.co/ja9U9XdakP repository. http://t.co/QJvvfn9Ygj

  • AndroidPolice


    Reviewed in 18 New Android Apps (9/10/13-9/23/13)

    Xposed Framework modules aren't for the feint of heart, but this crazy customization mod is exactly what the platform was made for. Xblast Tools allows rooted users to apply a staggering amount of tweaks and mods to their devices.

  • gadgetchaser


    Reviewed in Tools you can use

    ***Requires ROOT and Xposed Framework http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.installer *** A plethora of ways to customize your phone. Check it out to see the comprehensive list.

  • Zhiro Minoda

    Zhiro Minoda

    Reviewed in Forget your homescreen!

    (Root) Posted here because of its multi tasking options, of which the best is an expandable panel where you can draw gestures; also, launch apps with your phone's physical buttons. Its Customization features are good too

  • Manish Raj Osti

    Manish Raj Osti

    Reviewed in Full customization (Root and non-root)

    For root users- one of the best customization app


★It Requires Root Access
★It Requires BUSYBOX
★It Requires Xposed Framework Features:
★you can choose your favorite color for your Clock with out modifying APK files
★You can add custom text along with the clock, which will be displayed in status bar and notification bar
★You can add color to Date field in notification bar...
★You can choose your favorite font for clock & Date field in status bar & notification bar...
★You can add your favorite fonts into your /sdcard/fonts/ folder, it will be listed in the app
★You can add bar code fonts for clock & Date field in status bar & notification bar..
★You can choose any color for status bar...
★You can make full transparent for notification
★You can enable 180 rotation of phones(can rotate in all directions)...
★You can choose any color for Battery...
★You can choose any color for Wifi signal
★You can choose any color for Mobile signal
★You can change the carrier name in lock-screen and notification...
★You can can apply color to carrier name in lock-screen and notification...
★Change the carrier name size in lock-screen
★You can have Full screen caller picture in your phone
★Set default caller image for full-screen caller function
★Set any color for name, phone number etc
★Hide Am Pm
★Complete transparency for status bar
★Choose any Notification panel bg image or color
★Status bar Center Clock
★CRT Screen off effect (No Effect,Horizontal Effect and Vertical Effect)
★Enable or disable status bar during the full screen call
★Apply any font for name, phone number etc for full screen caller
★Ram usage in recent panel
★Button to Clear all recent tasks
★Choose WiFi and mobile in out color
★Mobile Color will be applied to mobile type as well
★In full screen caller function... during incoming call glowdots color will be changed...
★Choose Ticker text color
★Choose Toast text color & Toast bgcolor
★Build.prob tweaks
★Choose Notification text & content color (this is experimentel)
★New Color picker with hex code option
★Network speed will be displayed in status bar & Choose color for it
★Smart alarm icon option
★Added gesture anywhere module
★Added new module Quiet Hours
★Skip tracks on volume keys long-press while screen is off
★Controls cursor using volume keys in text fields
★Added breathing missed call option
★Added New Module For Day dream
★Select Day dream background color or image
★Select Day dream Clock color
★Can change Holo background to any color or image
★Added New Module For navigation bar
★Added statusbar and navigationbar gestures like left swipe, right swipe, long press, double tap
★Choose any color for divider line
★pulse notification light aka LED control
★Added keypad pin shuffler option
★Added new module appbar aka sidebar
★Added Notification Peek
★Added Circle App launcher

★Android 4.0+ and ROOT
★It Requires BUSYBOX
★It Requires Xposed Framework

Install Instructions
★Install Xposed Installer
★Install Xposed Framework (from the Xposed Installer app)
★Install XBlast Tools
★Activate the module in Xposed Installer app
★Configure the application as you like
★Soft reboot the phone to see the changes

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