Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)

Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)

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One of Android’s greatest strength is customisation. UCCW takes this idea further to let you customise widgets on homescreen. Even without rooting your device or installing a custom ROM or installing a special launcher, you can do some incredible things to shape your phone to be just the way you want it. UCCW, or Ultimate Custom Widget, is a widget that lets you place custom clocks, battery meters, weather info, and just about anything else right on your homescreen. There is a sheer number of skins available on Google Play and shared in various forums, and more skins are being added all the time. Customization is often a difficult process, but not with UCCW. Just install a skin, and tell UCCW to show it or make your own skin.

UCCW offers a WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor allowing to customise layout, fonts, images, shapes, etc.


Basic info like time and date
Custom texts
Week bar
Analog clock
Battery level, status, bar and circle objects
Weather info like current weather conditions and forecast with icons. Separate icons for night time.
Gmail unread counters
Number of missed calls
Number of text messages
Next Alarm time
Next Calendar event and time
Series effect objects
Tasker variables
Hotspots (actionable areas on widget)
Image fonts for Hour and Minute objects
Custom text for hour, minute, year, weather conditions etc to show information in a different language.

Share skins with one press

Each object has various options like size, color, alpha (transparency), rotation (angle) and other attributes specific to an object.


Widget not updating
1. UCCW may be killed by task killers. So exclude UCCW in task killers.
2. Could be a launcher app issue; Try a different launcher.

Getting force closes
1. Uninstall UCCW and install again.
2. Check if Force closes are occuring with a particular skin; discard that skin.
3. Send a logcat if force closes continue.

Skins do not show
1. Google play skins may not appear for some custom roms or if screen density is changed.

App Permissions explained:

Your messages - to show unread message count
Storage - for saving skins
Your location - to show location
Network communication - for weather and ads
Phone calls - to show missed calls number
Your social information - for direct dial hotspot
Your personal information - to show next calendar event
Your accounts - for Gmail unread mails count

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