Focal (Beta)

Focal (Beta)

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Focal (Beta) Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Focal is an ex-CyanogenMod stock camera app with all the stock camera features. It's a bit buggy on my old as the hills S2; it'll probably work better for you whippersnappers with your newfangled quad core super phones. I'll take this over the S2 stock camera any day, though.

  • keno carl reyes

    keno carl reyes

    Reviewed in Best apps that will make u Love your ANDROID MORE

    A beautiful camera app with many features

  • Yeezus


    Reviewed in Only the best

    Originally made for cyanogenmod, this awesome camera suits everyone's needs. Even comes with photosphere

  • Staz


    Reviewed in Weekly Top Apps

    This is not an ordinary camera app. Cyanogen mod user will definitely know this app, it was used as stock CM camera and now it's available on the play store. App is still in BETA, but it's way better than any camera app on stock android or play store (in my opinion). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. If you like it consider donating to developer BUY the DONATE VERSION on play store.

  • Mousa Walid Salih

    Mousa Walid Salih

    Reviewed in the best apps ever !!!

    New promising camera.

  • vibin Thomas

    vibin Thomas

    Reviewed in The Final Verdict

    Camera on enchanted drugs. » your friend has sony camera? Well this is better than that

  • Abhimanyu Agrawal

    Abhimanyu Agrawal

    Reviewed in Open Source Android Apps


Focal is a fully featured camera app looking to provide the most features on the most phones possible, including device-specific features on some devices.
This app is the official release from the ex-CyanogenMod app. *** THIS IS BETA: It has high chances of NOT WORKING PROPERLY - Instead of rating 1-star because something doesn't work, just WAIT FOR AN UPDATE - This is FREE! If it doesn't work on your device then REPORT THE BUG, then WAIT AND SEE -- If you don't want to test it, don't install it. ***

If you want to support the development, buy the Donate app:

It features:
- A photo and video mode, supporting many features (burst mode, timer mode, scene mode, shutter speed on Sony devices, ...)
- A panorama mode, currently semi-broken
- A PicSphere mode, open-source replacement of Google's PhotoSphere, to do 360° sphere shots
- A review drawer, by sliding from the top of the screen (in portrait). It shows your latest pictures.

In photo mode, you also have access to a few tools, such as automatic picture enhancement (auto-awesome), or a rule of thirds overlay. On some devices, settings such as Color adjustment, HDR and a manual light measure point are also available. Double tapping the screen will put your in quick shot mode, where tapping the screen anywhere will take a picture.

In video mode, high-framerate video is also possible.

Need help?

Tips :
- You can slide a widget's left handle to the right to close it
- You can swipe twice to temporarily hide open widgets, and swipe back to recover them
- You can pin widgets on your main screen
- You can scroll the sidebar

Notes :
- This app targets mostly phones, but should mostly work on tablets.

- It is fully open source (GPL), and the sources can be downloaded at

- It is a BETA, which means you might encounter bugs and crashes. I'm mostly working on newer devices (Galaxy S3 and +), so older devices might encounter more issues than recent ones.

- I do this in my free time, and this is a free software. Instead of rating 1 star because there is a bug, you should do a constructive comment, or raise the issue to me on twitter, @xplodwild. Or even better, fork the project and fix the problem :)

- Even if some parts of the app sucks for now, they'll improve over time.