Meme Duel = Pong + Breakout

Meme Duel = Pong + Breakout

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Meme Duel is a meme themed game. Its gameplay is mix of two classic arcade games: Pong and Breakout (Arkanoid). Meme Duel, it's:
- Speed an fun with cannon balls, flying paddles and bonuses to spice up the game.
- The challenge of more than 40 levels with increasing difficulty.
- A game to beat with a friend, or to beat him/her! (split screen multiplayer, leaderboard and achievements, facebook connect).
- Many items to unlock for more ways to break bricks (paddles, bonuses, bricks ...).
- An unlimited enjoyment with levels edition directly in-game.

Play solo or player vs player, MemeDuel is more than just Pong where you have to send a ball back and forth. Here, when the ball goes out of bounds, your defenses are there to save the day! But watch out! You 're not the only one to enjoy it: your opponent can also set up defenses.

And not only defenses besides! Many bricks are available, sometimes even attack ones: a fastened canon bombards your opponent. In end-game levels, strengthens your defenses, by adding new bricks during the game.

Use the maneuverability of the paddle and the many available bonuses to win the hardest levels of the game. Boast about it and share your scores and trophies with your friends through Google Play Games and the Facebook connection.

Have fun with nice graphics and sound effects! Not to mention the "memes", the drawings that we all have seen at least once on the web, and who are the heroes of this game.

To get in touch wih me:
I need you ... to translate MemeDuel. If you can help, please send me an email at
Game is similar to Ping Pong, Arkanoid, Breakout.