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Free engine to run Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game.
Requires original game data files to run, large 800x480 screen, 256 Mb RAM and fast CPU. It is still beta, and crashes very often.
Only hotseat mode is supported, because AI works only in battles.

To launch it:
- Launch VCMI once, it will create directory on SD card and exit
- Install Heroes 3: Complete, or Heroes 3: Shadow of Death on your PC - English version only, Russian not supported. You may buy it from, however VCMI is still unusable, so I do not recommend spending money on the game.
- Install free Wake of Gods addon, from
- Copy all game files to your SD card to directory app-data/eu.vcmi
- Launch VCMI again. If it won't run install aLogcat or CatLog app from market, and check it's output - most probably VCMI is missing some file.
- I WILL not provide any support. Please do not spam VCMI forums either.
- VCMI requires large screen, if you'll launch it on Spica or X10 Mini - it's your fault, so don't complain.
- If you are hardcore C++ coder with lot of free time - you can grab the sources from VCMI forums.