SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool

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    Aug 22, 2015

SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    My phone has been giving me the memory shortage notification a lot lately, so I downloaded SD maid, a powerful cleaning tool, to help clear out some junk. It comes packed with several searching and cleaning functions, and an animation of Maidroid drinking coffee; it's cute.

  • Max Van Houcke

    Max Van Houcke

    Reviewed in Top Apps You Didn't Know About

    A nice app that deletes files that you don't need. This will greatly improve storage.

  • Binary Pie

    Binary Pie

    Reviewed in BPie Review

    ¿Cuanta basura crees que aún sigue en tu teléfono? Pues SD maid viene al rescate para eliminar esos residuos que otros programas no han sido capaces de detectar

  • Jean Luca Lange Klaus

    Jean Luca Lange Klaus

    Reviewed in Best Apps

    Hiermit könnt ihr euer Handy aufräumen und reinigen auch ohne root.

  • Гошан Синенко

    Гошан Синенко

    Reviewed in Greatest apps for everyone

    Deleting unnecessary files.

  • Shahbaz Shaikh

    Shahbaz Shaikh

    Reviewed in Essential Apps For Root Users

    This app has helped me a lot for all my junk clean up tasks for my smartphone. consider this app as tune up utilities for windows pc except this is for your smartphone.I havent tried but some functions may work for non root users.

  • Kristen Ann

    Kristen Ann

    Reviewed in The Rootirific Wingnuts & Dingy's★

    I use this specifically to get ride of those annoying empty folders & cache files. Scans quickly and you can even hide certain scan tabs to your liking.

  • Brandon Giesing

    Brandon Giesing

    Reviewed in Root!

    Clean your storage of a lot of extra junk.