AutoTether for Automatica

AutoTether for Automatica

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    5,000 - 10,000
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    Aug 21, 2013


AutoTether automates the task of starting the tethering when you get in your car and stopping it when you leave the car. AutoTether has been designed as a companion app for the Automatica car USB device, to keep it synced while you're driving around.

AutoTether uses simple Bluetooth detection to make your smartphone location aware. It provides an alternative to NFC leveraging the Bluetooth availability for location awareness and lets your Android device turn tethering on automatically when in proximity of another paired device.

For example: pair your car bluetooth system with your Android smartphone and enable it in AutoTether. Every time you'll get in your car your Android smartphone will immediately enable tethering and will provide WiFi connectivity to all devices in your car.

Please note: carriers could charge extra fees when using tethering.