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AirPlay DLNA SONOS Chrome Roku

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AirAudio streams all audio from any app on your Android to your AirPlay- and DLNA-enabled receivers, Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Player & your SONOS-system.

Use your favorite music-app like Spotify, Google Play Music, Rdio, Pandora, TuneIn, Poweramp etc. and enjoy the music on your Airport Express, Freebox, AV-receiver, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, ROCKI, Smart TV, Roku Streaming Player, SONOS-speakers and many more devices.

ROOT-access required
To use the 'system-mode' and stream the audio-signals of other applications, a 'rooted' device is required!
Android doesn't allow it by nature to get the audio-data of other applications. Therefor a root-access is essential.

Please have a look on for details about how to root your device, or contact us in case of questions or if you need further help!

You can stream audio from any application (except telephony), for example your favorite MP3-player (eg. Poweramp) or YouTube, games, FM radio, digital radio, webcast or online radio (eg. Spotify, Google Music,

All AirPlay-/DLNA-enabled devices, Chromecast, Roku & SONOS can be (simultaneously) used as a receiver: • Apple Airport Express, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, ROCKI & Freebox
• AirPlay-enabled AV receivers eg. from Pioneer, YAMAHA, DENON, BOSE, ONKYO, Bang & Olufsen or Bowers & Wilkins
• DLNA-enabled devices like XBox 360, XBMC, Smart TVs or AV-receivers eg. from Pioneer, YAMAHA, DENON, BOSE or ONKYO
• Software like Shairport, Shairport4w, Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil Speakers or the XBMC Media Center
• AirBubble, Android HIFI or any other AirPlay-receiver application of your choice, for example on an Android-based TV-stick
• Google Chromecast
• Roku Streaming Player

Once you have selected one or more receivers, AirAudio just runs in the background until you close the connection.

Special features
• AirAudio works exactly like original Apple AirPlay and therefor requires 30-60% less WiFi-traffic compared to other AirPlay-apps without affecting the audio-quality (lossless!)
• AirAudio recognizes if you are listening to your music & a receiver is available
• AirAudio sends informations & artwork of current music-track to your AirPlay-receiver & Chromecast
• AirAudio supports 'Tasker' - automate your music
• AirAudio's widgets - create shortcuts for your favorite receivers

Alternative in case of missing ROOT-access
Those who do not have a rooted Android device, can also benefit from AirAudio:

With the built-in microphone-mode, you can stream your music in low quality and with a possible acoustic echo, sing karaoke or stream other sounds.
Do you have children? Establish a connection to your receiver, select the microphone-mode and wait ☺

You can try & use AirAudio for free as long as you like to.

But due to the fact, that the development of an streaming-application like AirAudio is extremely complicated & very time consuming, it is initially in demo-mode!

After 5 minutes in 'system-mode' some beep-sounds are added, which can be removed by purchasing a pro-license.

The license is valid for all of your devices and all versions of AirAudio and the fee is currently 4.99€/USD ~6,50.

Personal assistance in case of problems
If you have any problems with AirAudio, please contact us via e-mail at and we will try to help you.

Tips & Tricks
• Airplay/Streaming Issues on ASUS N66U? - This might help: