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** PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING ** Carat is the first app to generate personalized recommendations for improving your battery life. After observing your use of the device for *about a week*, it will start to generate reports just for you.

Carat uses GPS sparingly and is NOT running in the background. The app uses almost no power.

** Thank you! **

Ever wondered why your battery is draining so quickly? Just install Carat, open it every few days so it can send data to our servers, and within a week Carat will start recommending Actions (just for you!) and even predicting the improvements you will see. Although Carat cannot measure energy use directly, it infers what apps are responsible using advanced machine learning methods.

And it's free!

As you use your device, Carat occasionally takes measurements and sends them to our backend servers in the cloud, where we apply cutting-edge algorithms to determine what steps you can take to use less energy. By collecting snippets of non-personal data from a large number of devices, Carat does not need to run continuously in the background. Nothing we collect identifies you, personally.

Carat will tell you which apps it thinks are hogs (they use a lot of battery) and which are bugs (they use a lot of battery on your device but not most others). Being a hog or a bug does not make an app 'bad', but a user trying to improve their battery life can use these designations to adjust their behavior.

== Carat Features ==

- Action List telling you how to improve your battery life and by how much
- Device information detailing exactly what data we are recording
- Reports apps that are using lots of energy and whether that is happening on other devices, too
- Detail views let you dive down into the data
- Low-overhead sampling requires almost no energy or CPU
- J-Score tells you how your battery efficiency compares to other users
- Sharing features let you post/tweet/blog about your experience; more users means more data which means better recommendations for you

Carat started at the AMP Lab, UC Berkeley, in collaboration with University of Helsinki. It is under active development by a team of researchers in the NODES group, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. We are constantly making improvements, adding features, and giving you more knowledge about how your device is using energy. Remember, knowledge is power!

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