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Vibration Notifier

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  • Nicolas Epinette
  • Vasilis K.

    Vasilis K.

    Reviewed in Best AD-FREE, free apps & games!

    A very practical app. Never miss a notification again when you don't have audio contact with your phone.

  • Frank Ng

    Frank Ng

    Reviewed in The Premium Android Experience

    Pay attention to how much you pick up your phone to check for notifications. Now imagine never needing to do that again. That's why you should install Vibration Notifier. Your phone will keep vibrating at intervals you set until you pick up your phone. It's extremely useful in noisy situations where your phone is unlikely to be heard. It eases the anxiety of potentially having a missed text or IM sitting on your phone. It's a simple app that greatly improves the user experience.


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Maybe you know this situation: Your phones lays on your desk, you're in the kitchen and you get called. You do not hear your ring and when you come back to your desk, you don't notice that you were called because your device has no notification LED (and you're not using NoLED)... Therefore I made another small app, called Vibration Notifier which does the following:
When you have a missed call, unread SMS or any other event*, the app keeps vibrating every X minutes for Y times or until you turn on the display of your device.

If you think the app doesn't work on your device: That's very, very unlikly. Please click on the question mark icon in the app to see common issues and how they can be resolved. DO NOT GIVE BAD REVIEWS IF DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE APP DOES!!
Please note that the app does not change the vibration setting of the other apps, it will only do additional vibrations/beeps if you don't turn on your display before!

* all apps which notify you about new events by showing a notification in the Android status bar are supported, like WhatsApp, GoogleTalk, Twitter, facebook,...

To be noticed about events from other apps, you need to add the app in the accessibility settings. I can understand that some people are scared by the "the app can read all your personal information" warning, but I guarantee that the app does not read any personal data. The app doesn't have the internet-permission - so even if it would collect your personal information (which it doesnt) it wouldnt be able to send them to anyone.

Silent hours: Please note that when you set up a silent hours interval in the app, only Vibration Notifier itself won't vibrate or beep. It does not mute other apps so if you receive a new mail, your GMail app might still beep!

Having the "TalkBack" bug? Try this:

VIBRATE - obviously necessary to enable the "vibrate every X min" feature
READ_PHONE_STATE - needed to detect missed calls
RECEIVE_SMS & READ_SMS - needed to detect unread SMS
WAKE_LOCK - seems like this is needed on some device to avoid infinite vibrating
READ_CALL_LOG & READ_CONTACTS - needed to differentiate between missed & rejected calls
READ_CONTENT_PROVIDER & GET_ACCOUNTS - necessary for new method to get unread GMails

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