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  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

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    Wenn Ihr wissen wollt wie Ihr innerhalb Deutschlands öffentlich von Punkt A nach Punkt B kommen wollt, seid Ihr mit dieser App bestens beraten! Einfach Start- und Zielpunkt eingeben und alle Verbindungen mit den genauen Zeiten werden Euch chronologisch angezeigt!


Your travel planner
"My journey" contains all of your travel details a glance, such as timely notification of an upcoming train transfer. Push notifications actively provide you with information such as your departure time, when you need to change trains, and what the arrival time is. This section also contains real-time information such as delays and gives you direct access to alternative connections if you need them. All of this information is also available on smartwatch devices. Delay notice
Set this function up before your journey, and a push notification will be sent straight to the app if your train is running behind schedule. Ideal for commuters: select duration and days as you require. Your favourites
It's now so easy to travel to your favourite getaways. Just save the destinations that you love to visit, along with connections and train times.

Even better – faster information in the event of disruptions
Real-time data has its own menu item that provides information about live updates, cancelled connections and replacement timetables when you're looking for a train. This way, you're always up to speed even if something doesn't go to plan.

Get your bearings so you know what's nearby: bus, U-Bahn and S-Bahn stops, station information, and even the pick-up points for Flinkster and Call a Bike.

Flinkster and Call a Bike get you where you want to go
Why not use the Flinkster carsharing service or Call a Bike to get to the train station? Just click an icon on the map, select your vehicle or bike, and you can complete the Flinkster or Call a Bike booking process quickly and easily in the app.

Booking regional tickets
DB Navigator's menu now features "Local offers", which links to our ever-popular regional travel offers: Länder-Tickets (except for Hesse), the Schönes-Wochenend-Ticket and the Quer-Durchs-Land-Ticket. All for instant mobile reservation!

Public transport in Munich
You can buy tickets for Munich's public transport network, MVV, via the menu item for transport associations.

Super-fast ticket access
If you're taking a trip today, your ticket is now conveniently displayed the instant you open the app.

Keep your travel costs down
The saver fare finder shows you the cheapest available long-distance price for the trip you want to take.

Have fun exploring these great new functions, and enjoy your trip.

Have you got any ideas or feedback for us? Simply use the in-app contact function to let us know your thoughts.