CallHeads - phone call app

CallHeads - phone call app

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  • Amirul Syafiq Zulkifli

    Amirul Syafiq Zulkifli

    Reviewed in All Android

    You're playing Temple Run and suddenly your gf calls you? At least now you don't have to pause your game to answer her call.

  • Bade..R


    Reviewed in Be

    برنامج اذا كنت فاتح برنامج وجاك اتصال يظهر لك بشكل ايقونه دون الخروج من البرنامج


We believe that we can fundamentally improve phone calls on smartphones. Ever been interruption from an app through a call? CallHeads (beta) will give you more control on what to do with a phone call when you are concurrently using an app. Instead of a fullscreen notification popping up and interrupting your app, you will see a bubble as an overlay on your app, and you can keep using the app. For instance, if you are currently reading a text, you can first finish the current paragraph until you pickup the call, if you are playing Angry Birds, you can first finish the slingshot and then answer the phone. **requires background processing: Some users have issues with task killers or custom roms that kill background processes. Just configure them properly so that CallHead runs smoothly**

In addition, CallHeads gives you a third option what you can do with a call: you can not only accept or decline the call, but also postpone the call and pick it up a few seconds later.

CallHeads is inspired by the functionality provided by Facebook's Chat Heads. We just thought we could make it more awesome :-)

Please note:
- You have to launch the app once before it is active
- On the LockScreen you will see your default call application
- Might be impaired by apps that kill background processes (e.g. Greenify or task killers)