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AntennaPod is an open-source podcast manager for Android 2.3.3 and above. It offers all the basic features you expect from a podcatcher, like streaming and downloading episodes, refreshing all feeds automatically or adding them to a queue to listen to them later. Moreover, AntennaPod lets you flattr podcasts and episodes from within the app. AntennaPod is still in beta and might lack some advanced features or have bugs. So far the following features are implemented:

* Downloading and Streaming of episodes
* Variable speed playback (requires Presto Sound Library or Prestissimo)
* Support for Atom and RSS feeds
* Support for password-protected feeds and episodes
* OPML import and export
* Flattr integration
* Player homescreen widget
* Search
* Automatic feed updates
* Automatic download of new episodes
* Sleep timer
* MiroGuide integration
* Access to the podcast directory
* Subscription syncing with the service
* Supports MP3 chapters, VorbisComment chapters and Podlove Simple Chapters

* Available languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese (China), Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, French, Romanian (Romania), Ukrainian (Ukraine), Catalan, Italian (Italy), Czech(Czech Republic), Azerbaijani, Portuguese, Swedish, Hindi, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Hebrew

If you find any bugs or want to give feedback, you can create an issue on the Github project page ( or send an e-mail to You can also contact @antennapod on Twitter.

This app is free of charge and ad-free. If you want to support AntennaPod, you can flattr it here:

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