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Free scientific calculator app with intelligent user interface From basic arithmetic to trigonometry, this calculator offers all the features you need in everyday life and much more. Nevertheless, it takes advantage of the possibilities your smartphone offers to make the usage particularly easy and fast.

* The expression can be edited freely - tap into any position of your expression and insert, delete or update numbers, operators and functions
* Shake the device to clear the input (optional)
* the results are displayed instantly
* History - you'll never need to type the same calculation twice again
* swipe the keypad to the left to access advanced functions
* Usefull Landscape Mode with even more functions
* Swipe to delete in the history
* Add comments to your history entries
* Intelligent percentage calculation: 50-50%=25
* Widget: Place a simplified version of CalculatorNg on your home or lock screen and solve your calculations even faster
* Bracket Highlighting: Place the cursor next to a bracket and the corresponding bracket will be highlighted
* Widget calculator with percentage! - ideal to calculate discounts or a tip
* Tablet support

This is the ad supported version of the Calculator. It shows a banner only in the history view. A pro version without ads is also available.