ZDbox ( Root Task Killer )

ZDbox ( Root Task Killer )

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Promo with App of the Day on 03.13. —————— Join Beta Test Group ——————

Please help us improve ZDbox by being the Beta tester in here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/117635809710935165203

The most popular system optimize toolbox with more than 20,000,000 users now. ZDbox is an amazing all-in-one toolbox.It can save your battery and boost your android running speed! Five stars in xda forum.
ZDbox holds a collection of useful tools and has a nice and easy to use interface. With ZDbox you’re getting your mobile/cell phone under control, do easily some optimization and customize it to your needs. An essential tool which you will love!

· No flow consumption among Android devices, 60 times faster than bluetooth, share anything!
· You'll not worry about big files transfering by your phone, because it needn't the external network.

Quick Switches
Cache cleaner toggle and other 14 toggles for more your convenience.
Task killer | Cache cleaner | Screen sleep | Powersave

Keep screen always on, kill all tasks, WiFi on/off, airplane mode on/off, brightness adjustment, sound settings, rotate screen on/off, bluetooth on/off, start/stop sync, switch between 2G/3G/4G, app lock on/off, GPS on/off, APN on/off (mobile access point),LED flashlight on/off

Battery infor
Monitoring and showing information about remaining battery time, temperature, health, time since last boot, necessary time until full charge and so on
one tap power saver :click battery saving button to turn Battery saving mode on/off. Turn off Battery saving mode to resume the previous mobile status before battery saving.

Traffic counter
Monthly/daily mobile data usage overview, shows remaining data traffic, detailed data usage information for each app.

Do not disturb
Just set days and the time when you need your privacy and you won’t be disturbed by your phone. Set phone to silent, vibration or airplane mode.

App lock
Protect apps with a password or pattern, for exmaple your contacts, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,Gmail and so on.

Task killer
· Kill all apps at once, define protected apps which won’t be killed, set auto kill when screen gets locked, mark single or multiple apps to kill.
· If your phone is rooted,you can use root task killer to stop self-starting apps and save more battery.

history eraser
clean your(Browser history,market search history,Map search history,email search history,Clipboard)

Shows used/available internal and SD card memory. Apps can be easily uninstalled. Single or multiple (batch) uninstall possible.

App to SD
Move apps to your SD card. Single or multiple (batch) move possible. Only for Android 2.2 and 2.3.

Cache Cleaner:With Cache Cleaner you can clean your cache of phone.protect your secret without a trace.

———————— More coming features ————————
· Find your phone
· Remains files clean
· File encryption
· AD blocker

Thanks to following people for all their effort and support:

Zamana, Jarek Mazur, Zhengyi Zhang, Johan Jaworski, Михаил Семашко, Lumir Strauch, Rongrong Xu, Meiyan Quan, Sebastian Klaus, ahmet erdem, Yasuo Yamazaki, אלישיב סבח‬‎, factorymark, Muhammad Almufathaly

———————— ZDbox Team is seeking business cooperation on a global scale ——————

1.International Agency
2.Advertising Service
3.Independent CP (Content Provider)
4.Channels Cooperation

Contact: kangguoqing@zdworks.com

———————— Contact us —————————

If U have any problem, please contact us: service@zdworks.com

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ZDbox
Google+: https://plus.google.com/117708970313185239989
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZDboxinter
Website: http://zdbox.net

Prompt communication is better than one star comment!

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