Bright Flashlight - LED Torch

Bright Flashlight - LED Torch

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    Nov 19, 2013


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Over 3 Million downloads - top ranked in the tools category
About Bright Flashlight - LED Torch The simplest and brightest yet most beautiful Flashlight app. It uses the torch LED light of the camera. Completely free.

- brightest LED flashlight illuminator
- set to turn on the light automatically
- fastest startup
- elegant and beautiful design
- uses the camera led light
- set to not turn off light on quit
- keep screen alive, to prevent torchlight from turning off
- full screen mode
- uses the highest brightness setting
- screen turns white when device is not supported


This app does not collect any of your information.
This app does only what it's supposed to do, to turn on the led if the device is supported or turn the screen white if it's not supported. That is all.

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