Word Game for GRE Students

Word Game for GRE Students

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Are you a GRE aspirant?
If learning new words is something that you have to do, then this is a perfect game for you. If you don't enjoy learning new words, this game is perfect for you since it makes learning english words fun.
If you already enjoy learning words, then you'll simply love this game.

The game is simple to play. The words are split into different collection of alphabets. All you have to do is join them and form the meaningful words.
Hints are given for each word so that if you are stuck at some GRE word, you can use them.
Virtual Coins system makes the game more interesting. With each level that you complete, you get certain coins, trade them to unlock hints.

There is more. The game is social. Yes, you can see which of your friend is playing which level. The social experience is truly satisfying.

Students mainly rely on flash cards to learn new words, but memorizing flash cards is very monotonous & boring process. This game provides a nice alternative to learn new words.

Improve your english vocabulary by playing this english word puzzle game. Make your GRE easy, at least a little bit.
SAT IELTS & TOEFL students can also learn gre words, doesn't hurt to learn few extra words even if they are out of syllabus, right?

Taking GRE exam is an important phase in many students' lives.

GRE wordlist is huge.
GRE aspirants have to learn almost 5000+ essential words, and you can learn them all through this game.

- Learn thousands of GRE words
- Social - find out which of your friend is playing which level
- Easy & addictive gameplay
- Learning made fun
- Synonyms of English words as hints