Rick O'Shea

Rick O'Shea

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Roll Up! Roll Up! Come one! Come all! To the greatest show on Earth! Blast and Bounce your way through 5 Death Defying Acts as Rick O’Shea, the Human Cannonball, in this Show Stoppingly addictive Puzzle Platformer!

So step this way and help Rick O’Shea perform his most daring stunts tonight!


★ Don’t be a Clown!
- And Download Act 1 for Free Today!
★ Get Your Tickets Here!
- With 4 additional Acts to download and play!
★ Join The Circus!
- With 8 Additional Characters to download
★ No Juggling Required!
- With Simple single tap gameplay!
★ You Must Be This High to Ride!
- A Universal App Optimized for both your phone and tablet!
★ Dazzle Your Audience!
- With Full HD support!
★ Take Aim and Fire!
- With 120 Levels to play through!
★ Custard in your pants?
- Catch all 360 stars!
★ Become the Ring Master!
- With 30 Achievements to unlock and 12 mini Game Levels to find!

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