YP - Yellow Pages local search

YP - Yellow Pages local search

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YP, the even-more-powerful Yellow Pages, gives you the power to do pretty much anything. Find great local businesses, book a table, browse menus, movies, maps, and cheap gas. Plus, with mybook you can save all your favorite local businesses in one place.
If the YP app is your treasure map, mybook is where you keep your gems. Just bookmark the best businesses in town and they’ll automatically be added to your personal mybook collection. Share them with friends and family, discover featured collections from our editorial team, insiders, and local experts, and tackle everything on your to-do list.
What else?
• Search over 20 million business listings.
• Discover, copy, or follow featured collections like Hungry After Midnight, Charming Hotels or Star Chef Favorites curated by experts.
• Find cheap gas prices near you with maps.
• Use the Store Locator to find other locations of your favorite chains.
• Browse and contribute photos and reviews.

YP can do that.℠