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Yandex.Browser significantly speeds up page loading times with slow internet connection speeds and saves you data traffic. Browser understands what site you need, even without typing in an exact address: it can save you time by instantly opening the webpages you need. The answers to some questions are shown instantly without switching pages. And your favorite sites are just one click away in Tableau.
We would love to receive your feedback so that we can take it into consideration when making new versions. We’ll also answer all of your questions related to the browser. You can write us directly from the app (Settings / Contact us) or by using the feedback form on the page Quick access to your favorite sites
— Tableau, a set of links to the sites that you visit most often, appears when clicking in Yandex.Browser’s address bar or creating a new tab;
— you can manually select the sites you need and pin them so that they’ll always stay on Tableau.

Fast page load times and reduced data usage
— Turbo technology allows Yandex.Browser to compress webpages’ content so that they load faster with slow internet speeds, saving you both time and data charges.

Search without clicking
— Yandex.Browser opens webpages next to search results to show you all possible and let you choose the one you need;
— to save you time, the browser instantly shows some answers, like the location of the nearest cafes, images, news, and videos;

SmartBox for addresses and search queries
— the browser understands web addresses and typed or spoken search queries;
— it recognizes many pages by a simple description, such as [news] or [Leo Tolstoy Wikipedia] so the browser can instantly open them;
— it instantly displays facts and figures in suggestions, such as the weight of a brick or the capital of Madagascar;
Syncing data
— makes it more convenient to use the browser on different devices. There’s no need to configure your bookmarks or list of favorite sites again: they will be automatically transferred from your computer to your device;
— all of your browser’s bookmarks are stored on a special Yandex server: even if your device breaks, they’ll still be saved.
Push to call
— Click on a phone number found in your computer's browser and your smartphone will dial the number on its own (if syncing is enabled in Yandex.Browser on both devices).

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