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The n°1 thermometer in Google Play since 2009, with over 5,000,000 downloads! Thermometer is the most accurate application in Google Play (down to a tenth of a degree).

Since 2009, Thermometer is the ONLY application to give you the outside temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree, in line with your exact location, throughout the world and in real time.
To achieve this, Thermometer uses multiple data sources from your surrounding environment and combines them together thanks to our own unique algorithms developed on our meteorological servers.

Thermometer is NOT just another application that tells you the temperature in a nearby town, using hour-old – or even older - data...

Key characteristics of the application:

- Most accurate temperature in Google Play (down to a tenth of a degree)

- Temperature corresponding to your precise location anywhere in the world and in real time.

- Fast location identification and temperature display.

- Multiple high-quality graphical themes (HD) are available allowing you to choose the one best-suited to you.

- Temperature can be displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

- Available in multiple languages.

- Requires Android 1.5 or above.

- Internet connectivity is required to receive the temperature calculated on our meteorological servers.

In-App Purchase offer you numerous additional advantages:
- Temperature displayed even faster.
- All advertising fully deactivated.
- Priority access to support. you directly support our team in developing this application!

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Should you encounter any problems, please email us at the following address:
CAUTION: If you only leave your comment on Google Play, we won’t be able to answer you directly there and therefore help you!

Thank you!


The READ_PHONE_STATE permission is needed by some ad networks. If you do not agree with that, you can buy the paid Thermometer app that does not asked this permission here:

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