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Living in a major city can be overwhelming. Wutzwhat simplifies things by serving as a one stop shop for 'best of' food, shopping, nightlife, service, hotel and event experiences. How? Our team eliminates the noise and endless lists inherent to other curation apps and sites by combining local knowledge, expert opinions, user feedback and extensive research to determine what makes the cut. And once something does, we pull out all the stops: professional photography, original editorials, videos, VIP offers exclusive to Wutzwhat users, and more. Wutzwhat makes your life easier and your experiences more memorable by putting entire cities in the palm of your hand. Download it today and begin rediscovering your city.

NOTE: Wutzwhat is only available in NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES and TORONTO; additionally, your mobile device must be updated to Android 4.2 to successfully run Wutzwhat.

Wutzwhat features:
• Everything from luxury services and hidden gem restaurants to mom-and-pop stores, all neatly organized and beautifully laid out for you.
• Share your favorite Wutzwhat profiles with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, text message and email.
• Curate your own discoveries by sharing them with the Wutzwhat team via the My Finds section.
• Save a list of your go-to haunts and shops to the Favorites section so that you don't have to search for them next time.
• Gain access to exclusive VIP experiences called Perks, all of which have been created specifically for Wutzwhat users.
• The most popular Wutzwhat profiles are indicated daily in our Trending section.

Chat and curate with us on Twitter (@Wutzwhat) and Facebook (facebook.com/Wutzwhat).