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Panadero - Baking Calculator

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    If you're a hardcore baker, Panadero allows you to calculate the weights of ingredients based on their relative percentages stated in the recipe. I haven't baked anything since the stodgy disaster of a cake in Home Ec, but the app's clean and cardsy, and probably pretty useful for bakers.


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This app was created to provide hobbyist bakers a simple tool for creating and calculating recipes based on bakers percentages and ingredient mass. Baking with percentage based recipes has many benefits:

- Comparing recipes is simple (i.e. which are drier, saltier, sweeter, etc.)
- Helping identify bad recipes or predict their baked characteristics
- Easily alter or add ingredient percentages without changing the other ingredients' percentages
- Recipes using ingredients like eggs produce more consistent results when measured by mass (rather than count).
- Baking recipes can be accurately and easily scaled up or down by any amount

Take a look at this link (provided by the people at King Arthur Flour) to see an excellent example of how bakers percentages work in practice.

Currently Panadero can calculate a batch recipe from any of the following mass inputs:

- Total Recipe Mass
- Total Flour Mass
- Total Liquid Mass
- Single Ingredient Mass

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