Fragment 3D Chapter1 Suspicion

Fragment 3D Chapter1 Suspicion

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    Dec 4, 2011

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REDUCED PRICE - Free & no Ads! "The graphics and gameplay are smooth as silk and the intrigue the game holds has me gripped" -


"Discarded... Thrown away... Why did they do it? What's that smell? Questions, questions, questions, but at least you have one answer; who did this. Time to find them and set things straight. Who knows, maybe you'll get some answers on the way…"

Marked as scrap you try to evade disassembly. Fragment has tricked his was out of garbage disposal, but now has a Workerbot hot on his tail. Time to jam the door behind you and get the hell out of here!

Fragment is a 3D episodic point and click adventure game set in an industrial world populated solely by robots. Labelled as scrap and tossed in to the belly of the cities underworld - control Fragment as he tries to escape disassembly and unravel a sinister conspiracy.

Inspired by DOTT 'Day Of The Tentacle', 'Sam & Max' and 'Beneath a Steel Sky'

Fragments adventure begins with a quick introduction in "Fragment 3D Prologue/Demo". This can be found on the Android Market.

Chapter 1 of Fragments adventure contains new puzzles and game dynamics and launches the story in full.

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