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Swipify - Wear Launcher

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Swipify - Wear Launcher Reviews

  • Claude SG (AndroidB)

    Claude SG (AndroidB)

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    Swipify tries to revolutionize the app switching & launching on Android Wear. Basically you swipe using a gesture based model and launch apps or switch between them. Features Swipify enhances Android Wear experience by providing: • App Switcher - Switch between running apps from any where on the Android wear system • App Launcher - Launch apps from any where on the Android wear system • Shows ram usage on App Switcher screen. • Quick Settings - Easily change brightness & view smart watch battery level. • Screen Always On.


Swipify is a performance driven, highly customizable app launcher & recent apps switcher for Android Wear.

Android wear is cool but opening apps using voice isn't always convenient. Swipify helps you easily launch your apps. Swipify is designed to revolutionize multitasking, app switching, app launching & controlling your phone via Android Wear.

Moto360 / Round Watch users

Make sure you select Round Watch Shape from phone side app.


Swipify enhances Android Wear experience by providing:

• 3 different style app launchers
      • Floating Launcher - Open the launcher with a single tap on the floating icon. Move around the floating icon at your will.
      • Radial Launcher - Moto 360 Style launcher
      • Swipe Launcher - Traditional phone style launcher

• Multitasker / Recent App switcher - Switch between running apps any where on the Android wear system (Multitasking)

• Phone Finder - Get notified on your watch, when you are away from your phone.
• Wifi Tethering
• Music Controller - Control your Google Play Music Player on your phone right from your watch.
• Wifi & Phone Profile Toggles on watch
• Screen Always On
• RAM monitor
• Changing Phone volume from watch
• Phone & watch battery levels
• Quick Settings - Easily change brightness, volume profile & view smart watch battery level.

How to use it

• To switch between recent apps, swipe from the right edge of the screen from any where on the system
• To open the launcher, swipe from the left edge of the screen from any where on the system.
• Radial launcher : Each ring shows 6 apps, to get the ring of next 6 apps move your finger back to the left edge of the display.

Featured On

"This is the application I can't live without!" - Kevin The Tech Ninja

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Features Suggestions

If you want to see more features on Swipify, you can email them to me.


• To use this app, you must have an Android wear smart watch.

• When you install this app on your phone, it automatically installs Swipify on the smart watch connected to your phone.

A huge thanks to Joe Katon & Jiří Mrázek for testing the app

Developer's website: http://www.wingoku.com'

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