God of Blades

God of Blades

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    Jan 14, 2014

God of Blades Reviews

  • Azbycx


    Reviewed in Great Offline Games

    True to the original . Suprised by the graphics.

  • BoyOfTheEnders


    Reviewed in New 3D Games - Updated Daily!

    Released 3/6/2013: This an epic 3D side scrolling fighter. With lush detailed graphics and animation. This new game is sure to turn heads.

  • Jerome Smith

    Jerome Smith

    Reviewed in Simply the best: Games 2 (the best of the rest)

    God of Blades has amazing graphics, an assortment of wicked swords and is incredibly fun. An awesome addition to the legacy of 2D scrollers!

  • Jayshia Madames

    Jayshia Madames

    Reviewed in uSeek uNeek Android Games

    God of Blades has the honor to have been funded by a Kickstarter campaign. This is something that some of the most popular web series, comic books and charity projects can claim. In terms of getting projects viewers and players really want out there, this is the wave of the future, in my humble opinion. You play as a spectre, either as the Nameless King or the Whispering Lady. You run into a world that might have come off the cover of a book from the seventies (the graphics are lovely, by the way) and battle hordes of enemies with a series of blades that you unlock as you go along. One extra cool feature is a special blade that you unlock with Foursquare by playing the game in a library! There are 26 stages if you’re playing in campaign mode. You battle enemies as you run forward, beating them into submission, with bosses that appear every few levels. If a high score is your thing, try eternal mode, where you run on and on, putting down the bad guys until you feel your place on the leader boards is secure. There are really only three moves here. You sweep your finger up, down and forward to slice with different skills. It’s a simple game, all in all, but it’s actually quite a bit of fun to play. Even more fun is tossing your enemy into another one to topple them like bowling pins. There are combos and each blade you manage to unlock in campaign mode has different abilities.